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Magic Sports Nutrition

MAGIC PRE Workout V2

MAGIC PRE Workout V2

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The ALL NEW and inproved Magic PRE is here! Now with more kick while still having all of the performance and focus ingredients. 

Whats new?

First of all we now have over 480mg of high energy stimulants including 300mg caffeine.   

On top of that there is 7 active ingredients to boost energy and mental focus, plus 5 active ingredients to improve performance, pumps and muscle power!

If you are after an all round pre workout that ticks all of the boxes, look no further!

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Clean, Lean protein

Digestive enzymes to breakdown

Gourmet Flavours





Cookies and Cream


Whey protein

Digestive enzymes

Cla + Mct

    Have your MAGIC WHEY after your workout to help with recovery and muscle growth

    Magic Whey

    Clean and lean protein ideal for use anytime of the day in a variety of delicious flavours

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