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Magic Sports Nutrition

Magic Whey

Magic Whey

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Sometimes we all need a little magic to spice up our body goals and achieve results. Whey by Magic Sports Nutrition is a whey blend protein powder that has been formulated to deliver rapidly digesting protein in a range of delicious flavour options. With added digestive enzymes, Magic Whey ensures that every little bit of protein is absorbed into your bloodstream so you’re helping build muscle, aid recovery and repair muscle tissue too! What makes this protein powder so clever is that the blend of protein sources means your body absorbs some proteins rapidly and then some that are digested at a slower rate.

If you’re trying to build muscle and achieve your body composition goals, Whey Protein Isloate is going to be your best friend. Each serving of Magic Whey has 26grams of whey protein and with low levels of fat, sugar, cholesterol, and lactose, you don’t have to worry about anything else except eating well, training hard and taking Magic Whey.

This delicious protein powder has added CLAs, MCTs and Acetyl L Carnitine – all the good fatty acids which help encourage thermogenesis and increase your metabolic rate, making this a great fat burning protein powder too.

If you’re looking for a product that provides superior protein to help you achieve your goals, smash out those workouts without crashing afterwards, plus enjoy the delicious flavours on offer, then it’s time to add some magic to your life and grab Whey by Magic Sports Nutrition today.

  • 26g of protein per serve
  • Range of tasty flavours
  • Helps build muscle and aid recovery
  • Low carb and low sugar
  • Improve digestion with Digezyme compound
  • May help reduce muscle soreness
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Clean, Lean protein

Digestive enzymes to breakdown

Gourmet Flavours





Cookies and Cream


Whey protein

Digestive enzymes

Cla + Mct

    Have your MAGIC WHEY after your workout to help with recovery and muscle growth

    Magic Whey

    Clean and lean protein ideal for use anytime of the day in a variety of delicious flavours

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